Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wine with Food

Perhaps one of the most exciting things to know about is what wine to drink with what food. If you follow the rules that has stood the test of time, it is always red wine with meat, and white wine with fish. Wines vary in flavor, tannin levels and alcohol content that picking the right choice for certain dishes will highlight the taste in food and the overall experience in dining.

You can consider marrying any wine to a dish you like and discover new  food and wine combination that can go amazingly well, after all there are no rules when it comes to personal preference. Why people carefully pick for the perfect wine for certain food is essentially to make sure the wine do not overpower dishes in meals that could be disastrous in a culinary sense.

What to Drink with What

Rich-indulged food like meat dishes are flavorful and fatty, and when served with  rich sauces would pair well with flavorful wines like the reds.

For food with subtle taste like white meats of fish and poultry can be deliciously paired with a white wine,  and most spakling wines. Acidic food like dishes with tomato sauce pair well with a wine that is also high in acidity. Most whites make a great pair with vegetarian and Asian dishes.

If you are not sure which wine goes well with a particular food, you may find sweeter wines or medium-bodied wines to go with almost all kinds of food, plus, forward wines are safer to pair with complex dishes. Women, usually plan and cook the meals, and a comprehensive typical food and wine pairing is a useful guide for all occasions.

When in a party or restaurant, choose the right wine you think that you would enjoy sipping with your food. The rules? Carry them as your guide. Remember, it is your food, it is your wine,  so enjoy it.

You may want a copy of the Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: 2009 Edition, its your book of wines.

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