Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tempt Your Kids with Beautifully Cut Vegetables

Since vegetables are the source of all nutrients our body needs, we try our best to encourage children to eat them. The problem is.... kids are also tricky, they make all the best ways possible to escape those foods, and at the end you're left staring at the plate of veggies. But parent as we are, we need to be a little more tricky to twist things up. It's not actually as hard as you think it is, you only need a little more patience and a little more tips.

One of the most common ways we do are the following:

Flower Petals

Cut vegetables like carrots, radish and potatoes into slices then press down with a cookie cutter. You can also use a carving knife by cutting narrow V shapes into every 90 degrees angle of a slice vegetable and take them out. For tomatoes and mushrooms like shitake, make 2 incisions on top of the vegetables and bevel these cuts by inserting the knife diagonally into them, creating a crown looking top. Since flowers are cheerful, put something sweet like cubed colorful "denser" gelatins along with your shaped veggies to make the plate more attractive to your little ones.


Bias or diagonally cutting will expose a better surface area of the vegetable which makes it faster to cook. Place the vegetable on a cutting board and slice the food at an angle that can produce elongated pieces. A paring knife will cut easily and hold the pieces together. Although this is the best vegetable if you want to grill your veggies, the idea may not be so inviting for picky kids, except for those who really enjoys veggies.

Here are other ways to cut your vegetables beautifully. If you have a mandolin, it will make you get into your goal quick and sound, beautifully-cut and shaped vegetables in seconds! But like most people who don't have a mandolin in the kitchen, sharp knives are still the best option.


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