Wednesday, July 27, 2011


You are probably wondering why people consider Mexican foods healthy. Like a genuine Asian diet, traditional Mexican foods are also much less in fat but contain a lot of fresh vegetables and spices. The much less fat content in their food is due to the different cooking techniques that they use to avoid too much frying.

Mexicans love tomatoes, beans, peppers, corn and chili, as seen in most of their dishes and making their food choices filled with vitamins, proteins and nutrients, rich in fiber, and packed with lycopene, a known cancer-fighting agent. Since Mexican cooking is up to thrill your taste buds, you can taste combinations you never have before. No wonder, their food is popular all over the world.

Vegetarians enjoy Mexican foods, like beans and roasted butternut squash seasoned with chili powder and oregano, salmon with chili mango salsa, or a flavorful, light dish made of thinly carved, bite-sized pieces of raw fish in sauces made not with butter but with toasted nuts, seeds, and spices. Since this authentic cuisine stays away from fried, a low-fat alternative to the almost eaten everyday fried tortilla chips is the baked chips brushed with a little oil, cut into wedges, arranged on a baking sheet, dusted with salt and spices, baked until crisp and dipped in homemade tomato-rich salsa.

As a replacement for cream, guacamole is preferred to add richness to basic tacos and burritos. The avocado-based ingredient makes it a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat and a great thing to help raise "good" cholesterol. Even with recipes that call for fat or butter, striving to substitute butter with healthy oils, such as grape seed or olive, makes it another reason to be heart-healthy. Old folks still adhere to the old traditional light meals of soup, beans and rice, or plain cereal or sweet bread with milk or hot chocolate.

Rice, beans, peppers, tomato salsa, a few slices of fresh avocado and lots of veggies can make a very healthy meal. If all these are the basis for a Mexican food, then you can be sure doing the same by using fresh than prepared is simply nice knowing. If you see a plate with loads of fresh produce, protein-packed beans, fiber-filled tortillas, nutritious chili, garlic, cloves, and the greenest of herbs - it must be a heart-healthy Mexican dish.

So the next time you will be craving for something cultural and a low-fat lifestyle, begin with Mexican inspired lean protein, fresh veggies and reduced fat foods. Why not begin with a tomato sauce blended with sweet pineapple and fresh tarragon over any of your grilled food?

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