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Few Light Wines for Your BBQ

Enjoy your BBQ with the Wine you love
Courtesy from Ger-nis Summer BBQ Bonanza
I don't know why buttery and biscuity aromas define a vintage champagne that's fashionable all the time. What about the touch of native grapes, its little elegant, refreshing and abounding complexity of flavors and scents from the fruits of summer? Would you go for raspberries and cherries to make sipping on a sunny day brightly cool? 

As tastes shift toward lighter, less alcoholic whites reign especially for summertime. For refreshing wines to compliment the grilling fever, the citrusy character of Muscadet perfectly pairs your seafood on the grill feast. Even if you're not in  Spain, the crispness and tingling lemony and seashell-nuanced pale Portuguese wine can describe real light summeriness, Vihno Verde is still unbeatable.  If breezy but graceful is what you're up to, peachy white grape wines will give you the complexity of flavors that you may be looking for in a Pinot Grigio.

Barbecues are the most popular family gathering not just in the summer but all the time. In one of my wine articles, I talked about Wine Pairing Rules, although going for the wine that you like is still the best guide to make the most of your wine dining. If you follow the rules, it depends on a little by what you barbecue. If you’re simply grilling red meat, then go for popular reds like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. They are sure to stand up to smoky notes. If you’re putting barbecue sauce on these grilled meats, Sangiovese, Zinfandel and Riesling are what's best to hold up to tangy, sweet flavors. If poultry or fish is your menu, there are the Blancs like Chenin Blanc or Pinot Grigio.

Still having a hard time to decide? Don't worry, buy an all-purpose wine that can compliment to almost everything on your grill - go for a Rosé.  I go for Prosecco, though, the peachy nuance never gave me issues with most of my (our) BBQ, plus, it's cheap. If you can't find one, buy Malbec or the simplest Merlot (available at supermarkets).

Click on the links for the different wines. Enjoy. Thanks. -Tonette

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